About Us

Our motivation for this website was based upon the high death rate of people being treated with often toxic, conventional patented medicines. As medical practitioners, frustrated within a system that does not support healing as much as it does making money, likeminded doctors have taken the decision that an awakening and new approach to health and healing has been long overdue. Willing professionals not yet on board are also welcome to join us. There is so much knowledge to share to revolutionize the noble calling of healing. Conventional medicine has done wonderful things and has its place, but wanting to break away from chronic drug dependency for better quality life and consciousness, obligates us to approach healing from an open minded perspective. The information provided by more than 9000 medical, alternative professionals, researchers and literature worldwide has contributed to this site. It is impossible to refer to them all on the “About us” page, but respectfully we give credit and recognition to each on their specific information found on this site.

A panel of international medical, alternative and ethnic doctors have combined their years of experience and knowledge of allopathic and alternative treatments into one site. This website is continuously being updated and improved upon, following recommendations and input, as well as adding newly updated research, breakthroughs and triumphs that may benefit the reader.

An internationally and politically independent company, Inkanyezi Ltd has been appointed to coordinate and facilitate the administration and legal procedures of registration, training on proper use and the sale of Faith Drops in each country. Inkanyezi Africa Ltd, a pharmaceutical company, owned and managed by medical doctors, has taken a stand to legalise the alternative approach to healing, not excluding the place conventional medicine has. The herbal database in the Ivory Coast is well superior to that of the rest of Africa and the country has taken steps to register alternative medicines as part of treatment programs.

The databases of herbs and application of alternative medicines in the southern parts of Africa, are not readily facilitated due to the control by pharmaceutical companies. Holistic and alternative medicines are also affected, restricted and prevented from entering the market through politics and monetary charges involved in registering and legalizing a product and its research, which is not only controlled by the medical councils, but also affected by the advertising standards authorities. There is a gagging order preventing alternative medicines from being legalized worldwide due to the financial impact it would have on the pharmaceutical market. Treatment and cures for many illnesses are available, often based upon simple logic (like finding the cause and removing that), but because it is not financially viable, such methods are not rarely followed or encouraged by the pharmaceutical giants.

Representatives who have joined our cause and approach to holistic healing have been appointed in various countries to manage the treatment programs that follow specific and ground breaking protocols based upon the combined successful treatment experiences of said professionals worldwide. Medical doctors who join the alternative facilities that we are busy establishing in various countries, are being re-trained in biological, systematic and analytical approaches to finding and treating the causes of disease.

With the ability to Google all sorts of diseases and treatments, so many conflicting treatment recommendations can leave people feeling very confused. There are so many options to follow when seeking healing. We have found ways that work, and offer our information here, but individual analyses and assessments are done upon your personal contact, so that a plan specific to your needs may be designed.

Personal contact information of individual doctors and practitioners has been omitted, due to the high influx of calls, blocking telephone lines. By initiating contact through email, your enquiry will be redirected to the nearest medical consultant in your area, who will do a personal introduction and make contact numbers available for further communication.